Green Credentials

All members of the Shapland Swim School believe in working alongside our communities to reduce carbon emissions, preserve water, and help build for a better future for our children. We want to assure you that we are doing our bit so here’s a few things we do to ensure we are building for a better future together. 

Low water volume: We ensure each of our pools has a small volume of water. We use only 80,000 litres compared to:

  • 50m council pool – 400,000 litres
  • 25m indoor heated pool – 200,000 litres.

Natural water catchment: Where possible we make the most of natural rainwater. In our swim schools without rainwater tanks, we can divert rain water directly into our pools. In the swim schools with rainwater tanks, we collect this natural resource from all roof areas and use it to flush our toilets, top up the pool or on the landscaping. For all our pools we ensure any rainwater is treated with our Magna minerals to ensure clean and clear water that is soft on eyes and skin. 

Evaporation reduction: When not in use, our pools are covered with a thermal blanket to reduce evaporation and lock in heat.

Solar Panels: A selection of our schools have been designed with a special structure over the pool designed to collect solar energy and reduce the need for gas and electricity to keep the water warm.

Water recycling: Our Magna mineral water allows us to have huge water savings. This new technology enables us to have longer periods between backwashes, reducing the frequency in which we need to replace the water in our pool. And, because of the very low sodium content in the water, our pool water is rich in magnesium and potassium, so it can be used on landscaping and other recyclable uses

Low flow showers: All on-site showers are fitted with low flow shower roses.


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