What our customers say about us…

Wonderful year of swimming lessons

Thank you Pamela for a wonderful year. Our son Jackson has loved swimming on a Saturday morning and I really enjoy coming too. We can’t wait till our other son Mitchell can so get a place.
I’ve read everyone of your newsletters and each has brought a smile to my face.
Thank you for what you do, you do it well.


Patient and amazing teacher

John, thank you so much for the last four years. You are amazing witht he boys and have such patience! When I told Aiden last night that today would be his last lesson, he cried for about an hour! That in itself demonstrates what an impact you’ve had on the boys!

All the very best,


Children have flourished

My son (4) and daughter (3) have flourished at Shapland. They are safe around and in the water plus are now learning ‘big arm’ swimming. The teachers are excellent, clear in communication and encouraging and the environment is inviting with a viewing room for parents and mineral pool for the health of our kids. I recommend them to all of my friends and the results speak for themselves.

Jennifer A.

Persistence pays off

Our son started swimming aged 2, and he was the worst kid in class when it cam to behaviour, he would run and jump in, splash everyone and generally run amok.  I considered withdrawing him but as he was such a daredevil around water we persisted, and so did his lovely teacher Robin. He slowly learnt to wait his turn and to listen.  He is now just turned five and still going to classes, and he has graduated to kickboards and goggles and swims like a fish at home. Also every class paid for itself the day he fell in the pool when he was three and he automatically swam to the side. (I was with him at the time!)

Dee H.

Changed to shaplands

I would like to say that since I changed my daughter over from a school that had way too many young children in their classes and way too much chlorine in their pool, she has rocketed forward in her swimming ability. Having only 3 children in each class allows for so much more focus on their style and individual abilities to develop at a much more effective pace.
My five year old daughter can swim a length of the pool confidently, dive under the water and retrieve toys and is fully capable of getting to the side of the pool and climbing out in most standard sized pools.
I have nothing but praise for the level of care, passion, dedication and commitment provided to each and every child at Shaplands. The pool is always clean, staff are always friendly and nothing is too much trouble.
My Daughter has achieved a high level of skill and enjoyment for swimming every time she visits her swimming teacher and Shaplands.

Cheryl Harris (Everton Park)

Out of sight improvements

My boys have been swimming at Shapland Everton Park for nearly 3 years. We changed from another local swimming school because I felt the boys weren’t improving but since we have been at Shaplands the boys have improved out of sight. They both have become extremely good swimmers and I honestly believe it is because of the dedication and expertise of the instructors that have made my boys the swimmers they are today.
For most of our time at Shaplands the boys have had Robyn as an instructor and as I tell everyone ‘we love Robyn she’s the best’! My eldest now has Heidi and we have found her to be right up there with Robyn.

Any chance I get I recommend Shaplands Everton Park

Kelli T.

Confidence quickly gained

Our daughter has gained confidence very quickly since coming to Shapland Swim School.  She adores her teacher, Robyn, who is just great with her and the other kids.  Robyn is very calm, patient and has an amazing ability to give kids the confidence they need in the pool.

Carolyn & Duncan L.

Great support and encouragement

With all our 3 children, we have tried 3 swim schools in the area over the years and I know we have made the right choice now with Shapland Swim School, Everton Park. Our children are very settled there and doing very well with their swimming now. They are genuinely excited to see their swim teachers and are eager to get into the pool. Isaac is great with our eldest child and is supportive and encourages her stroke and breathing. Our two younger children just love seeing Emma’s smiling face to greet them in the pool and Emma does a great job in teaching them and challenging them within their comfort levels. Thanks Shapland.

Kelly C.

Big thank you to Shaplands

My son Jack has been at Shapland Swim School Everton Park for 15-16 months now & has come along way since then. He also has an Autistic Spectrum Disorder with Speech Language Delay, I started with him at 10 months of age he is now 4years old.He swims unaided in the pool which is fantastic. I feel if he ever got into trouble in the pool he would be able to swim to the side & save himself.Without the lessons he has with Emma he wouldn’t be where he is today.I hope more parents who have kids with disabilities give them a chance to learn how to swim it is so important.

Lisa Corcut