Pre-school and Prep Age Program

Our Pre-school and Prep age Program is designed for children aged 4-5 and builds on the skills learned in the toddler program. In this program the relationship your child has with their teacher continues to grow.

Key features of our pre-school and prep age program:

  1. Assessment: We assess each child’s physical development and then ascertain whether revising the toddler program skills or learning more advanced skills is most appropriate for them.
  2. Balance: We teach your child how to balance in the water which can be very different from on the land. This skills allow them to go under the water comfortably
  3. Breath control: With this age group as indeed with any beginner child or adult the first skills they need to master is their breath control. This means being able to hold their breath and go under the water for longer and longer periods of time.
  4. Floating: As with the toddlers, we also teach this age group that the water will always hold them up provided they have lungs full of air and continue to hold their breath.
  5. Freestyle: If your child is assessed as able to move towards an advanced skill path, we teach them how to do the correct kicking action and how to bring their arms out of the water and lean how crawl stroke, commonly referred to as freestyle. Specifically, they are taught how to use a semicircular recovery action to guide their hands back in the water and complete the stroke. As this skill requires developed motor control, assessment of your child’s capability to use their legs and arms in this a manner is made by their teachers as your child’s aquatic skills develop.
  6. Breathing rhythm: Once your child has mastered the timing of their arm and leg movements, we teach them the correct breathing rhythm and how to rotate their head to the side for a breath.
  7. Milestone: As soon as this age group can demonstrate they can swim 6.25m and turn their head to the side for a breath, they progress to swimming 12.5m using the correct timing and breathing to the side.

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