Toddlers Program

Our toddlers program is designed for children aged 2-3 years and continues from the skills learned in the baby program. In this program the child transitions to the pool without their parent, but are supported by the swim teacher.

Key features of our toddlers program: 

  1. Feel comfortable: We gradually introduce your child to different depths of water so that they can calmly and safely learn how their body reacts when gravity is reduced or removed. This is where our bespoke pool design comes into its own. 
  2. Holding breath: As soon as your child relaxes in the water, we then show them how they can go under the water and hold their breath.
  3. Floating: Once your child can control their breathing and go under the water, we teach them how when they have lungs full of air, the water holds them up so don’t sink to the bottom of the pool. This is the main reason we do not teach our toddlers to blow bubbles during the early stages of their skill development as it hinders the ability to teach this integral lifesaving skill.
  4. Moving in the water: As soon as your child realizes the water will always hold them up, we teach them how to start moving through the water.
  5. Safety: We spend a significant amount of time teaching safety skills to equip your child with the tools to be safe in and around the water. The primary skill we teach is what to do when if they fall in off the side of the pool, how to turn around, swim back, reach up, and grab the side of the pool.  
  6. Breathing: Once your toddler can move in water well, we teach them how to lift their mouth out of the water and take a breath. This skill gives your child the ability to start swimming longer distances. 

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