Advanced Learn To Swim Program

Our advanced learn to swim program is designed for students who have completed our previous programs, or who are looking to join a swimming squad and wish to perfect their technique.

The focus of this program is enhancing the students’ skills through:

  1. Developing the correct technique for each stroke.
  2. Swimming longer non-stop distances.
  3. Learning how to circle up one side of the lane rope and down the other.
  4. Being able to perform a tumble turn on Backstroke and Freestyle 
  5. Make sure our pupils know how to touch the wall with both hands at the same time when finishing or turning whilst doing Breastroke and Butterfly.
  6. Being able to read a basic swimming workout program. This is integral because this is a skill they will be required to perform if they choose to take on swimming as a sport and join a squad or club.
  7. Know how to read a pace clock

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