Our Certificates

Celebrating the achievements of your child is important, and we want to share in the joy with you. To do this Shapland Swim Schools has developed a series of certificates that your child can attain as they progress through our learn-to-swim program. Each time they master a new skill they will be award a certificate and celebrated by our swim team. There are 16 certificates in total, covering confidence, skill development, and advanced technique.  

These certificates are awarded as your child learns basic balance and breath control skills.

  • Confidence Bronze Award
  • Confidence Silver Award
  • Confidence Gold Award
  • Confidence Platinum Award

Skill Development
These certificates are awarded as your child learns how to hold the water with their hands and feet and how to take a breath.

  • Skill Bronze Award
  • Skill Silver Award
  • Skill Gold Award
  • Skill Platinum Award

Advanced Technique 
These certificates are awarded as your child learns advanced Personal Aquatic Survival Skills, and graduate to a squad.

  • Crawl Stroke 12.5m Certificate
  • Backstroke 12.5m Certificate
  • Breaststroke 12.5m Certificate
  • Butterfly 12.5m Certificate
  • Crawl Stroke 25m Certificate
  • Backstroke 25m Certificate
  • Breaststroke 25m Certificate
  • Butterfly 25m Certificate
  • Mini Squad Certificate

For more details about when your child will receive each of these certificates talk to your local Shapland Swim School