Purpose Built Pools

Our pools are very different to the pools you will see at your local school, community water centre or other swim schools. Our unique design ensures that our students have a safe and fun experience in a facility that is focused on amplifying their learning. All the while providing parents and family a comfortable environment. We do this by providing two separate areas within our swim facilities.

The swim zone
Each of our locations features a purpose-built indoor pool designed to enable our teachers to work with every student at the level that is most appropriate for their skill and confidence level.

Our pools vary between 8-11 different water depths with a series of steps to provide a variety of different water levels that can be taught in. The benefit of this enhanced pool design is that no matter your child’s ability or comfortability in the water, we have an environment that can easily adapt to their needs. Throughout your child’s learning experience, their teacher will use different steps and levels to help them feel comfortable in the water, be curious and learn new skills.

As their abilities progress, your child will move to different levels of the pool, progressively gaining confidence. Our large shallow end will help to accelerate your child’s ability to adjust to the removal of gravity in the water, and gain confidence in their very first lesson. As their talents and self-confidence grow, they can progress to the deep end where they can use their newly gained skills to proper themselves through the water without touching the bottom. We have you supported each step of the way, it’s that easy.

In addition to our multi-level pool, we focus on ensuring our students are 100% protected from UVA and UVB rays. We do this through special roof blocks that safeguard our students whilst still allowing natural and controlled air flow.

Private viewing lounge
A separate zone to the swim area, our private viewing lounge maximises parent and family comfort. Here you can watch your child’s lessons in an airconditioned, dry, quiet and humidity free space.


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