Babies Program

Our baby program is designed for children ages 5 months until 2 years old. In this class each baby enters the pool with one parent. The structure of the class is built around the same learning process your baby goes through every day as they listen, learn, and engage with the world around them. We enhance this process to provide them skills to cope in the water and develop and positive relationship with the pool.

Key features of our baby program include:

  1. Ensuring your baby develops a positive relationship with the water. This is integral as it sets them up for the rest of their life.
  2. Only having 3 babies in a swimming lesson allows the instructor to work with each parent individually to help them understand the simplicity of our baby program and the logic behind it.
  3. Our 8 decades of teaching have enabled us to develop a trauma free way for your baby to be able to relax in the water
  4. An integral part of the program is how we introduce babies at this age to being under the water. This is because our program is based on minimal adult interference, with each baby leading their own way, ensuring they continue to learn naturally, as they do on land.

Our downloadable Free Baby Home Development Program will really help you understand how to prepare your baby for swimming lessons and give you valuable information as to what to do with your baby at bath or shower time. For a more personal approach contact your local Shapland Swim School.  


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