Find the right class for your child.

Honed by over seven decades of experience the Shapland original Swim in Five program enables our franchisees to assess your child’s ability over the phone. The same laws of physics apply today as they did in 1947 and will continue to apply to how your child’s body behaves in the water and the questions reflect this fact. A few simple questions answered honestly are all it takes to access your child’s skill level. Once this has been ascertained it is a simple matter for our highly skilled operators to disseminate this information and find a class suitable for your child.

Because of the semi private nature of our Swim in Five program with the class size fixed at three pupils per classes, no matter what standard or age, finding the correct class for your child is simple and the best part about it is you do not have to make an unnecessary trip to a swim school.

Our teachers are trained to accommodate differences in skill level within the class without loosing skill development momentum and know that children improve at different rates and are trained to adjust their class content accordingly so that your child is constantly working at their skill level threshold.

Part of our unique program is you can get to talk directly to your child’s teacher and not to a receptionist if you wish to discuss your child’s progress. All you need to do is advise the swim school you wish to discuss your child’s development with their teacher and the teacher will gladly contact you.

Please contact the nearest Shapland Swim School to you and put us to the test, you will not be disappointed, save yourself an unnecessary trip and have your child booked into an appropriate class over the phone.