Getting your ideal lesson time

If you can’t get your ideal time when you first make contact with your local Shapland Swim School then this article should help you understand why. It is our guarantee to our clients that the maximum number of pupils in your child’s class will be three and the maximum number of classes in the pool will be two.

Supplying semi-private swimming lessons in a purpose built boutique environment comes with some difficulties. The main difficulty is this: because we only take three pupils per class, and ensure there is a maximum of two classes in the pool at any time, we have a limited number of spaces in our program.

My philosophy of providing smaller, more personalized swim schools as opposed to larger pools with multiple classes means that we have to say no to some clients because the prime times are all booked out. Every Shapland Swim School has a limited number of spaces available and once those spaces are full we do not put on a third or fourth or fifth class to cater for those clients. Having too many classes in the pool at the same time is not the ideal situation for your child to learn their Personal Aquatic Survival Skills so we limit the number of pupils we take.

This is also my personal guarantee to you and should you attend a Shapland Swim School and there are more than three students in the class or more than two classes in the pool at any one time please contact me by clicking here and selecting the Head Office option.

Please be patient with your local Shapland Swim School if you can’t get the times you would like or can’t get an immediate start date for our program. We offer a waiting list that is integrated into our administration system, and we are all diligent in following up with clients on each location’s list.  Keep in mind students are constantly graduating from our program, which means that spaces become available on a very regular basis.

The personal nature of our program makes the wait is worthwhile.

Chris Shapland.