Mineral Pools vs Chlorine Pools: Which one is best for your child? 

mineral vs chlorine

Choosing a swim school for your child is an exciting step. Navigating the different pool environments can be confusing when it comes to choice. Although chlorine and mineral pools effectively keep the water clean, they offer vastly different experiences for young swimmers, from babies programs to school age.

Here, we’ll deeply dive into mineral swimming pools, compare them to fully chlorine options, and explain why Shapland Swim Schools prioritises Magna Mineral Water to create a healthier and happier swimming experience for your precious little one.

Magna Mineral Pools & Chlorination

At Shaplands, our heated mineral water pools are salt-water chlorinated. We maintain these pools using a blend of natural minerals, such as magnesium chloride, potassium chloride, and sodium chloride, in addition to the necessary amount of salt-water chlorination required for a commercial facility. 

All public pools, including swim schools, must keep their chlorine levels within a specific range to ensure clean and safe water, as mandated by health regulations. This range is typically between 1.5 and 2.0 parts per million (ppm) of Free Available Chlorine (FAC). 

A Gentle Alternative: Magna Mineral Swimming Pool Water

mineral vs chlorine

Imagine your child splashing around in a crystal-clear pool that feels as soft and smooth as a natural spring. That’s the magic of Magna Mineral swimming pools. Here are some key features and benefits that make it ideal for young swimmers:

  • Gentle Touch: Magna Mineral Water is kinder to sensitive skin and eyes, unlike a fully chlorinated pool, which can cause irritation and dryness. 
  • Luxurious Feel: The unique mineral blend creates a silky-smooth sensation in the water, enhancing your child’s overall swimming experience.
  • Reduced Chemical Exposure: Magna Mineral Water significantly reduces the need for additional chemicals. Unlike a fully chlorinated pool, it creates a less harsh environment for children and instructors.

Beyond the Surface: Comparing Pool Sanitisation Methods

Now, let’s look at and compare chlorinated pools, traditional saltwater chlorination and MagnaPool saltwater chlorination.

Sanitisation Method:

  • Chlorinated Pools: Chlorine tablets, granules, or liquid are directly added to the pool water. This chlorine needs to be manually monitored and topped up regularly.
  • Traditional Saltwater Chlorination: Salt is added to the pool water. A saltwater chlorinator converts the salt (sodium chloride) into chlorine gas through electrolysis. This chlorine gas then sanitises the pool.
  • MagnaPool Saltwater Chlorination: Similar to traditional saltwater systems, MagnaPool uses a chlorinator. However, instead of sodium chloride (table salt), MagnaPool uses a mineral blend containing potassium chloride and magnesium chloride. This mineral blend is converted into a chlorine solution, but with a higher ratio of beneficial minerals compared to traditional saltwater.

Water Feel and Skin Benefits:

  • Chlorinated Pools: Can have a harsh chlorine smell and irritate skin and eyes, especially at higher chlorine levels.
  • Traditional Saltwater Chlorination: Gentler on skin and eyes compared to traditional chlorine due to lower chlorine byproducts (chloramines). May still have a slight chlorine smell.
  • MagnaPool Saltwater Chlorination: Promoted as having the softest and silkiest water feel due to magnesium and potassium. It’s known to be even gentler on skin and eyes than traditional saltwater due to a different chlorine byproduct profile.

Mineral Pools: A Clear Winner for Your Child’s Wellbeing

mineral vs chlorine pool

At Shapland Swim Schools, we prioritise fostering a love of swimming in a safe and healthy environment. Here’s why Magna Mineral Water is the clear choice for our pools:

  • Gentle on Developing Bodies: We understand that young children have delicate skin and eyes. Magna Mineral Water takes the sting out of pool time, letting your little ones focus on the real fun – splashing around and mastering those swimming skills.
  • Promoting a Healthy Environment: Less chlorine means a happier and healthier pool experience for everyone involved – your child, their instructor, and the pool itself. This may minimises the risk of skin issues that can sometimes occur in chlorine-treated pools.
  • Enhanced Comfort and Confidence: The silky-smooth feel of Magna Mineral Water creates a more enjoyable swimming experience for your child. The gentle water helps your little ones feel more at ease and comfortable in the water.

The Benefits Go Beyond the Pool

Packed with magnesium, a natural muscle relaxant, mineral water may help young swimmers recover faster after all that splashing and kicking. As your babies and toddlers develop new skills and use new muscles, they experience faster recovery from mineral water, unlike other swimming pool water types. The gentler environment created by mineral water may also minimise the risk of ear infections, a common concern for parents of little pool lovers, especially during the cooler months. 

Shapland Swim Schools: Where Learning Meets Wellness

Choosing a swim school with mineral pools like Shapland provides your child with many benefits in a space dedicated to nurturing new skills. The experience will:

  • Reduce Skin and Eye Irritation Risk: No more worrying about eye redness or discomfort. Your child can focus on splashing around and having fun.
  • Enhance Comfort and Confidence: The silky-smooth water brings a sense of ease and enjoyment, promoting a love of learning to swim.
  • Be a Healthier Environment: The reduced reliance on harsh chemicals creates a safer atmosphere for everyone involved.

Investing in a Lifetime of Aquatic Fun

While the initial cost of the Magna Mineral Water system may be slightly higher than traditional fully chlorine pools, the long-term benefits outweigh the initial investment. At Shapland, we focus on providing a mineral swimming pool that keeps your little ones warm and comfortable during their lessons and their little ones less likely to experience eye or skin irritation.Ready to make a splash with a healthier, happier swim experience for your child? Contact your nearest Shapland Swim School today about our fun, engaging swim programs.