Swim Tips

Window Dressing

Beware of Window Dressing

“I am not happy with how my child is progressing because at her last swim school she was swimming across the pool” is a statement I have heard lots of times over the many decades I have been teaching swimming and running swim schools. I also knew the statement “she was swimming across the pool” to be untrue as I was teaching that pupil and knew that the pupil could not float on top of the water by himself or herself without being frightened.

Crawl Stroke

Did you know that Freestyle is really the name of a swimming race? In a Freestyle race you are able to, provided you let the referee or swim meet director know which stroke you are going to perform in the race, swim any stroke. FINA RULE:- SW 5.1 Freestyle means that in an event so …

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Handy hints

VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: When there is a body of water near you, no matter how insignificant you may think that body of water may be, never take your eyes off your child or the person you are looking after. Drowning is a silent killer and occurs in pools, dams, lakes, rivers, oceans, bathtubs, buckets, washing …

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