Karen to make a difference

Karen Fowke, a professional swimming teacher for over a decade and a half and a Shapland Swim School franchisee at the Taigum Swim School, was horrified to find out that over 350,000 Asian children drown each year so she decided to make this holiday a productive one.

Karen is very excited about her trip to East Timor where for two weeks she will give of her time and talents as a swimming instructor. “I think I have the best job in the world” said Karen, “and have been lucky enough to be able to put my passion to work and maybe while I am in Timor I can pass that passion on to someone else.”

Karen’s other interest lies with the Surf Lifesaving Movement. In her role as a volunteer; for over twelve years and currently an active, patrolling member at the Redcliffe Surf Lifesaving Club; Karen has seen the value of being able to swim. “I have always enjoyed the water and I am totally committed to my profession as a swimming teacher and see it as a fulfilling role that may help a child be aware of the water enough to save his or her life or simply give them the skill to be socially confident in different water situations.”

“My children have grown and I now have time to maybe help more children somewhere and I have decided to go on a holiday to East Timor to be a volunteer Swim Teacher for ten days. When I heard that over 300,000 Asian children drown each year I really wanted to do something to help.”

“I am hoping my little bit can help. What an experience it will be for me as I have never been out of Australia before and going to a strange country that is coming back from major civil unrest seemed so exciting. I am hoping to learn from the many experiences the trip will bring and then be able to share those experiences with others.”

One thing Karen has going for her is the effect the water has on the human body is the same the world over and the skills that Karen teaches your children at the Shapland Swim School Taigum apply equally as well no matter what part of the world it is. In fact the bulk of the available water for Karen to ply her skills in; will be the ocean.

Karen leaves Australia on the 20th of May and I for one wish her well as she takes her teaching skills to an area of the world that really has a very high death and near death by drowning rate. I am sure the skills Karen imparts to the children she comes in contact with and the other teachers she works with will all benefit from Karen’s experience and passion. We wish you well.

Chris Shapland.