The Golden Moment

As a swimming teacher who taught his first lesson at the age on nine (9), some sixty (60) years ago it is the golden moments, as I call them, that never ceases to bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart. Golden moments are the ones where a child/adult suddenly transitions from one level of skill acquisition to the next.

out of the water at last

Oldest English Channel swimmer last year – it’s official.

It is official. I have just received notification from the Channel Swimmers and Pilots Federation that I was the oldest swimmer from any nation to complete a solo crossing of the English Channel last Channel Swimming Season. Glen and Julie Langford who were part of my support team and who live in England will be attending to annual dinner to accept the award.

My Child has a phobia about water

An interesting email came across my desk from one of our franchisees where a parent went to a swim school that specialized in children who have a phobia of water.

Now what constitutes a phobia? Is your child scared of the water, will not tolerate over their head in the shower, washing your child’s hair is a terrible experience, does not like getting their face wet, screams when you take them into a pool or will not even stand up in water knee deep to name a few.

live chat january 2015

Watch the Q&A chat with Chris Shapland

Watch the video of the recent live chat about swimming lessons with Chris Shapland. The chat was hosted by and includes some helpful information about problems parents and children face while learning to swim.

Greg Brough 23rd March 1951 – 9th March 2014

On Monday I attended the funeral for Greg Brough, a good friend for over forty years. Greg was a larger than life character who lit up a room when he entered. He was the Gold Coast’s first Olympian and won a Bronze medal in the men’s 1500m freestyle at the Mexico Olympics and a bronze medal in the men’s 400m freestyle at the 1970 Commonwealth games.

Three Gold Medals for Shapland

Winning three gold medals (surf race, rescue tube and the board rescue) in my age group at the recent Queensland Masters State Championships held at North Kirra made me very happy and reinforces what I have written many times which is, “being able to swim is a life long life saving skill.” The Championships provided a platform that verified the statement. On Friday, 7 March 2014, Surf Lifesaving Queensland held their Championships, which invites all proficient surf lifesavers to compete and test basic lifesaving skills against their peers.

The two Hannahs

Over the last six and a half decades I have heard some wonderful stories in relation to children and adults learning to swim. This letter to me from Gaye about her and her daughters experience at the Shapland Swim School Warner is one of those wonderful stories.