My Child has a phobia about water

An interesting email came across my desk from one of our franchisees where a parent went to a swim school that specialized in children who have a phobia of water.

Now what constitutes a phobia? Is your child scared of the water, will not tolerate over their head in the shower, washing your child’s hair is a terrible experience, does not like getting their face wet, screams when you take them into a pool or will not even stand up in water knee deep to name a few.

If your child exhibits any or all of the above then take heart when I tell you at Shapland Swim Schools we deal with these issues every day of the week.

To some degree it is our unique pool design. At Shapland our pools feature between 8-11 different water depths that allows our teachers to overcome any phobia you child may have about the water. Also only taking three children per class in this specifically constructs pool gives our teachers so many different options when overcoming any fears your child may have in an aquatic environment.

Since 1938 when my grandfather began teaching swimming my family and now Shapland Swim Schools have and still deal with the same phobia’s.

Why don’t you contact your local Shapland Swim School to enquire about our program and come along and have a look for yourself at how we deal with children who are frightened of the water.

Chris Shapland.