Sinnamon Park teacher wins at MSA 2013 National Championships

Elise Hoyer, a swimming teacher at the Shapland Swim School Sinnamon Park displays the medals she won at the recent Masters Swimming Australia 2013 National Championships. She competed in the 18 to 24 age group at the Sydney Olympic Park pool. Elise won gold in the 100 meters butterfly, a bronze in the 200 Individual Medley and placed fourth, fifth and sixth in the 50 meters fly, 100 meters freestyle and 50 meters freestyle respectively. Not only was Elise happy with the gold and bronze medals, she was in her own words, “very happy with lots of season pb’s” (Personal Bests).

Elise is studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science majoring in Clinical Exercise Physiology and starts the Honours part of her degree this semester. Despite her busy academic schedule Elise takes time to compete in touch football for Brisbane East as well as her social team, and as if that is not enough, dance also plays a very important role in Elise’s busy life. Jazz Ballet, Ballet and Hip Hop with the Sharee Sky Dance Centre also reflect her great zest for life.

The River City Swimming Club is Elise’s home swimming club and after her elation with her performance at the Masters meet, she now has her sights set on the MSA (Masters Swimming Association) World Games in October 2013 in Geelong.

Teaching swimming is a wonderful experience and can be enhanced if you have a competitive swimming background, because you can relate to the feeling of being weightless. You understand the effortless way your body flows through the water as a result of a sound technique and that the water does all the hard work because it supports your body weight.

Of course your child is learning those skills during the course of their swimming lessons, and dedicated and reliable instructors like Elise ensure you children are in safe hands when they attend Shapland Swim School at Sinnamon Park.

Masters Swimming is testimony to the fact being able to swim is a low impact activity you can do all your life. The Shapland Swim School at Sinnamon Park now has vested interests in both ends of the MSA spectrum with Elise performing and winning in the youngest age group and Joan Godsall (mother of Pamela who is the owner/operator of the Sinnamon Park swim school) is a world champion in the 90 to 94 age group.

Like I said being able to swim is a life long life saving activity and by making sure your child takes swimming lessons is the first step to you making your child safer in the water for the rest of their lives.

So Elise we wish you well as you continue to down your life’s freeway and all involved with the swim school are happy you are a member of the Shapland Swim School Sinnamon Park staff, because we know that your pupils are “In your safe hands.”

Chris Shapland.