Three year old Parker saves himself

I though I would share an email with you that came into my computer from a very happy Grandmother. Julie is happy for me to post this email as she really wants parents to know just how fast a swimming incident can happen and the value of swimming lessons. In this situation it was the cool headed grandfather that really made the difference as he was calm enough and close enough to ensure that at no time was Parker in any danger yet was given the time to perform his Personal Aquatic Survival Skills. As swimming teachers we love these stories as they make you feel great and certainly gives you a lot of job satisfaction. Here is the email:

“Hi Chris. My name is Julie Wrigley, i wanted to relay my story about what happened to my grand-son Parker who has been learning to swim just over a year now. My nephews were in the pool, Parker was throwing a ball to them threw to hard, over-balanced and fell in. His grand-father was right there but said we should see what he would do. He went under then popped up out of the water gave a shiver because the water was quite cold and made his to the side just as he has been taught at lessons. We were very proud him gave a round of applause. It was a relief to know that in an outside environment ,Parker has the ability to get himself to the side of the pool. I would like to thank Fiona and all the other teachers for the great job that they do. Thank-you”